PTC Creo Product Mapping

Product Mapping for PTC Creo and Pro/ENGINEER




PTC Creo Parametric


Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly Extension PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering PTC Creo Advanced Rendering Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Behavioral Modeling Extension
PTC Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Complete Machining
PTC Creo Complete Machining Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Complete Mold Design
PTC Creo Complete Mold Design Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Computer-Aided Verification
PTC Creo Computer-Aided Verification Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Distributed Pro/BATCH
PTC Creo Distributed Computing Extension
Pro/ENGINEER ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension PTC Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Expert Framework Extension PTC Creo Advanced Framework Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Expert Moldbase Extension PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Fatigue Advisor
PTC Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design Extension PTC Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Analysis Extension
PTC Creo Manikin Analysis Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Extension PTC Creo Manikin Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica
PTC Creo Simulate
Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Dynamics PTC Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension
Pro/ENGINEER NC Sheetmetal PTC Creo NC Sheetmetal Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Piping and Cabling Extension PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling PTC Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Progressive Die PTC Creo Progressive Die Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering PTC Creo Reverse Engineering Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer PTC Creo Schematics
Pro/ENGINEER Spark Analysis Extension PTC Creo Spark Analysis Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Tolerance Analysis Extension PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Tool Design PTC Creo Tool Design Extension
Pro/TOOLKIT Customization API PTC Creo Toolkit
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for CATIA II with ATB PTC Creo Interface CATIA V4
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for CATIA V5 with ATB PTC Creo Interface CATIA V5
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for JT PTC Creo Interface for JT
Pro/ENGINEER Interface for Unigraphics with ATB PTC Creo Interface for NX


Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE PTC Creo Parametric


Pro/ENGINEER Schools Edition PTC Creo Schools Edition
Pro/ENGINEER University Edition PTC Creo University Edition
*Package name update for existing customers only.