PTC Creo Interface for JT Extension

Industry standard data exchange

Working with CAD data from a variety of sources is a necessity in many industries. PTC Creo Interface for JT Extension is designed to translate structure, geometry and visualization information contained within JT files. JT is a visualization format developed by Unigraphics (Siemen’s NX)and may be used to visualize and share 3D design data between Unigraphics NXand PTC Creo users. PTC Creo Interface for JT Extension reads and writes JT modeling data into and out of PTC Creo, while retaining associativity. Changes made to the JT models drive updates to the corresponding PTC Creo models, which reduces errors and results in more efficient multi-CAD design.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables import and export of JT parts and assemblies
  • Supports 3D product structure, exact representations or faceted data, body colors, and non-geometric data
  • JT data can be used within PTC Creo for visualization, measurements, and space claim
  • Data import and export does not require a JT or Unigraphics license