PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) combines the ease of direct modeling with the control of parametric 3D CAD in making changes to 3D models. This gives you the flexibility to accommodate late-stage design changes and redesign existing products more easily, without sacrificing the original design intent. It saves time by allowing you to select the geometry you want to change with just a few clicks, and there’s no need to redefine or reconstruct the model in any way. What’s more, PTC Creo FMX lets you work more effectively in a multi-CAD environment by recognizing design intent, such as engineering rounds and chamfers, symmetry, and patterns in all imported models, including those without built-in parametric intelligence. 

Features & Benefits

  • Speed both late-stage design changes and the redesign of existing products
  • Add new design intent, while preserving existing parametric characteristics 
  • Use shape recognition and geometry rules to select the entities you want to change with just a few clicks instead of having to pick each surface separately 
  • Make changes easily to non-native CAD data, including imported data with no built-in intelligence
  • Simplify the geometry of your models for downstream engineering quickly and easily

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