PTC Creo Elements/Direct

PTC Creo Elements Direct

Industry-leading Direct Modeling Software

PTC Creo Elements/Direct, formerly CoCreate, is an end-to-end direct modeling design solution. This industry leading 3D CAD software solution is a comprehensive system built on a part and assembly structure which includes integrated product data management that is tuned to the specific needs of mechanical engineers and designers.

If you are looking for maximum ease and flexibility in creating one-off designs or radically repurposing designs, a “direct modeling” approach to 3D design is the right choice. Most companies add 3D modeling to their product design process to overcome increased pressures in manufacturing, such as shortened time-to-market, customer demand for new products, and increasingly complex customer requirements. PTC Creo Elements/Direct addresses these challenges with direct 3D CAD, CAE and product data management that provide the optimal level of design flexibility.


PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling makes creating and modifying 3D designs fast, easy and flexible  with responsive 3D CAD software and the ability to work with multi-sourced CAD data.

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting is a 2D CAD system focusing on a designer's needs for computer-aided drafting with 2D parametric capabilities for the development process.

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager ensures that product data management comes naturally to the design process, spanning from sandbox concepts to released product designs.