PTC Creo Distributed Computing Extension

Distributed Computing

Distributed computing software has been around for years, yet has remained unutilized by software engineers. Many typical engineering activities, which tend to be time-consuming, compute-intensive, and highly repetitive, benefit greatly from this concept. PTC Creo delivers the power of cutting edge, web-based distributed computing technologies to your desktop.

Distributed Computing Extension manufacturing software can be used in a networked environment. Distributed Pro/BATCH Standalone — free with PTC Creo --is designed for non-networked environments. For more information about these grid computing components and their purpose, please see the Distributed Computing Extension White Paper.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve hardware and software license utilization
  • Manage a large number of jobs using a platform-independent tool
  • Work within a scalable architecture and centralized administration
  • Standardize company specific tasks and, in turn, improve product quality
  • Increase Personal and Enterprise Productivity
  • Apply many out-of-the-box batch services--ready for use with PTC Creo
  • Customize the solution to meet your unique business needs

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