PTC Creo Harness Manufacturing Extension

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Features and Benefits

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use, user interface enabling any engineer to create manufacturing documentation to a pre-defined standard
  • New streamlined solution improves user efficiency and productivity
  • Easily accommodate harness optimization to speed up the production process
  • Standardize documentation of manufacturing deliverables
PTC Creo Harness Manufacturing Extension screenshot
Automated Manufacturing Documentation

Many companies utilize electrical analysis tools to optimize the cost and weight of electrical harnesses, forcing the digital prototype to go through multiple iterations. However, the time to optimize a harness is limited due to the lead time required to finalize the harness design, manufacture documentation, and complete production.

PTC Creo Harness Manufacturing Extension dramatically reduces both the time to generate documentation and the user expertise required to develop standardized manufacturing documentation. At a touch of a button and at any stage of the design process, manufacturing documentation can be created, enabling more time to optimize design and allowing for greater flexibility when working with manufacturing partners.