PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension

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Features and Benefits

  • Explore design changes safely without risking original designs or committing to any change
  • Simultaneously develop different ideas and evaluate all options before making decisions
  • Eliminate manual data duplication and tedious session clean-up for loading and reloading different versions
  • Browse exploration checkpoints in a "decision tree" for interactive design review
  • Effortlessly switch back and forth between design ideas
PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension screenshot
Explore and Evaluate Multiple Design Ideas

The PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX) enables users to quickly and effectively evaluate design alternatives and determine the most effective modeling process. Furthermore, if a user explores a design path but determines it is not the most effective, they can quickly revert back to an earlier saved "checkpoint" without having to completely recreate the model. By supporting an evolutionary concept design process, PTC Creo DEX streamlines the workflow from weeks to days.