PTC CADDS 5 Piping and Outfitting Design Option

Now you can create all aspects of piping design in a single 3D CAD software application, which improves design quality and productivity

As an integrated part of PTC’s comprehensive PTC CADDS 5 Shipbuilding solution, PTC CADDS 5 Piping and Outfitting Design Option delivers a broad set of capabilities for: 1. defining the 2D functional design of the P&ID (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams), 2. creating the 3D piping design, and 3. automatically extracting isometric outputs and fabrication data. By leveraging this option, you can improve your detailed 3D design process for piping.

Features & Benefits

  • Save time and improve quality with routing tools that intelligently place the correct fittings and end-conditions based on the specifications of the pipe run
  • Quickly complete designs via the automatic placement of companion fittings, such as flanges, gaskets and bolts
  • Design for manufacturability of pipe networks using automatic checks to predefined rule sets during design, thus reducing unnecessary material waste and rework
  • Easily check your 3D piping design to verify compliance with P&ID
  • Generate isometric drawings with cut lengths and bending tables
  • Leverage the available interfaces to ISOGEN for additional isometric drawing generation capabilities