PTC CADDS 5 HVAC and Outfitting Design Option

Provides specialized capabilities to support the design of large HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems, support structures, and associated downstream manufacturing deliverables

These capabilities support the full HVAC design process, from initial sizing to production drawings. You can calculate flow requirements--leveraging ASHRAE specifications--to size and balance systems to simultaneously optimize performance and meet industry standards. The routing of non-standard duct section types along complex non-orthogonal paths makes it an optimal solution for designing networks in ship and submarine compartments, where space is at a premium. PTC CADDS 5 HVAC and Outfitting Design Option also helps you optimize your detailed design process in heating systems, central air conditioning systems, and water heaters, while improving overall productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Design circular, rectangular, flat oval, quarter circle and rectangular cut-off duct cross-sections
  • Automatic network conversion between round, rectangular and flat oval sections, based on equivalent duct size calculations, improves productivity
  • Quickly extract flat patterns of ducts and fittings for rectangular and circular sections
  • Easily reference user-definable properties of building materials and rooms to calculate HVAC cooling and heating loads per ASHRAE-approved standards, for accurate, viable designs that meet industry requirements
  • Save valuable time by using extensive libraries of HVAC components and plumbing fixtures

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