PTC CADDS 5 Harness and Cabling Option

A 3D CAD solution that automates the 2D and 3D design and manufacture of wires, cables and harnesses

This PTC CADDS 5 option includes a robust schematic capture engine for importing electrical schematics and wiring diagrams. After the product is designed and optimized, all necessary downstream drawing and manufacturing deliverables can also be automatically created. PTC CADDS 5 Harness and Cabling Option is ideal for creating a wiring harness, wiring diagrams, and cabling systems in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries, and wiring looms for the automotive industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Create 2D and 3D wires, cables and harnesses, easily and quickly
  • Provides wiring and schematic diagram interfaces to SABER and SPICE simulator environments and EDIF for transportability
  • Extensive electrical wire diagram customization tools are provided through a desktop toolkit and programmable netlist libraries
  • 3D Harness layout eliminates the need to develop costly physical prototypes
  • Automatic connection routing ensures the physical layout conforms to the schematic wire list
  • Rules-based design capabilities and optional simulations and analysis interfaces ensure design integrity
  • User-definable report-generation capabilities enable you to extract and format data to conform to company standards for reports and assembly drawing annotation