Provides extensive user programming capabilities that augment the PTC CADDS 5 product family

The CVMAC graphics programming language allows users to integrate unique procedures into PTC CADDS 5 in order to automate repetitive operations, add new features, or tailor the system to meet specific requirements. This fully compiled language is optimized for speed and portability. CVMAC offers commands at all levels of sophistication, permitting both beginners and experienced users to optimize their levels of productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables users to develop software applications faster and more cost effectively
  • Improves productivity by automating repetitive and time consuming tasks and integrating unique capabilities into PTC CADDS 5
  • Built-in functions for numeric, text, and graphics data manipulation, including standard arithmetic operators for internal calculations
  • Powerful programming structures such as internal and external subroutine calls, C and FORTRAN calls, conditional structures, and error trapping and control
  • Sequential and direct access to data files
  • Direct access to the PTC CADDS 5 database for geometric modeling and detailing, including wireframe, surface, and solid entities