PTC CADDS 5 Clash Detection and Management Solution

A powerful, distinctive application that enables both the detection and management of clashes throughout the product development process

Using an Oracle database as the repository, each clash is given a unique identification and is managed through its lifecycle from detection to a successful resolution and closure using stringent, project based criteria.

Accessible from both PTC CADDS 5, Optegra (EPD.Connect) and a standalone user interface, PTC CADDS 5 CDM increases productivity and reduces costs by detecting and resolving clashes earlier in the design cycle and avoiding costly rework during manufacturing.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce downstream manufacturing rework by detecting and resolving clashes early in the design cycle
  • Detect clashes faster and more efficiently by leveraging the advanced clash algorithm which uses Zones and Part filters
  • Work in a multi-discipline environment
  • Store each clash uniquely in the Oracle repository to ensure they are managed independently
  • Implement strict access control using the unique Project Role based capability