FlexNet Licensing

FlexNet Licensing for PTC Arbortext 6.0 

For the 6.0 release of PTC Arbortext products including PTC Arbortext Editor, PTC Arbortext Styler, PTC Arbortext Architect and PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine, licensing will now be managed with Flexera Software’s FlexNet Publisher v10.8.

The switch to FlexNet licensing will also provide PTC Arbortext users with a new feature called “license borrowing.” The “license borrowing” feature will give users the ability to check out (or borrow) a license key for a specified interval while connected to the network, which can then be used when disconnected from the network. This will allow users to work from home or while traveling and should greatly increase productivity.

Finally, a new Web interface for the PTC Arbortext License Support tool has been designed that allows customers to obtain and manage licenses for all PTC Arbortext products, whether it’s the new PTC Arbortext 6.0 version that utilizes FlexNet or the PTC Arbortext 5.4 and earlier versions that use the current licensing format. This will allow the licenses for PTC Arbortext Editor, PTC Arbortext Architect, PTC Arbortext Styler and PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine ― as well as PTC Arbortext Isodraw ― to be managed in a single license file with any other of your PTC software.

Flexera Software has long been a global leader in providing licensing solutions. FlexNet Licensing is best known for its ability to allow software licenses to be available (or float) to any machine on a network and this is the same licensing utility used today with PTC Arbortext IsoDraw and other PTC products. Floating licenses benefit both users and license administrators as users can more efficiently make use of fewer licenses by sharing them on the network. License administrators can control who uses the FlexNet-enabled application and the machines(s) where the licenses are available by implementing a number of server options.

Flexnet Licensing

FlexNet Publisher supports serving license rights from:

  • A single license server
  • Multiple license servers, each serving a subset of the total available licenses
  • Multiple license servers configured for three-server redundancy
  • FlexNet can be licensed on each client using a node-locked file