PTC Arbortext Architect

Efficient application development

PTC Arbortext Architect provides configuration, development and prototyping tools to help developers build PTC Arbortext authoring applications. PTC Arbortext Architect supports your unique business requirements with a graphical user interface for development and maintenance of DTDs (Document Type Definitions) and XML Schemas. Customize the authoring environment by creating toolbars, embedding forms for capturing data, and creating tag aliases to support multi-lingual applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplify configuration - create and test authoring applications prior to distribution
  • Ease implementation - create modular, maintainable XML DTDs and Schemas using the graphical data modeling editor
  • Automate legacy migration - convert legacy content to XML; migrate SGML applications to XML using the built-in conversion aids
  • Increase author productivity - construct reusable templates and tag structures

What’s New in PTC Arbortext