PTC Arbortext Adapters

The PTC Arbortext Adapters to IBM’s DB2, Oracle’s content management system and EMC’s Documentum help improve reuse, collaboration and publishing through their integration with PTC Arbortext Editor and PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine. Using an adapter connection, authors can create, capture and reuse information directly within PTC Arbortext Editor. Content can be managed as separate topic components – which can be comprised of text, graphics, audio, or video – so multiple authors can simultaneously collaborate on different sections or topics of the same compound document. Information can be stored in any of the aforementioned content repositories and can be automatically published to multiple types of media using PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve author productivity - enable multiple authors to collaborate on the same compound document at the same time and make information reuse easy
  • Increase information quality - provide access to content management functions, such as security and versioning features, through PTC Arbortext Editor
  • Reduce publishing costs - support information reuse, interchange and automated publishing

What’s New in PTC Arbortext