PTC Nordics Newsletter

March. 2017

The year seems to be moving fast, clocks change at the end of this month and before long we will welcome summer. This of course means that LiveWorx 2017, the technology conference of the year, will soon be with us. Held in Boston, from the 22nd – 25th May, it gives attendees, both in person and via livestream, the unique opportunity to be a part of the gathering of the world’s smartest minds and influential technologists. Whether you’re focused on creating elegant product designs, managing brilliant factories, delivering efficient service, or disrupting entire markets, your peers will be on hand to show you what’s happening now and where they are headed in the future. Over 200 sessions are available, making it an ideal forum to learn about real-world approaches, best practices, and success stories from innovative industry leaders and companies. If you aren’t already registered then why not take advantage of the early bird offer that expires on the 31st of March, whereby you can register two people for the price of one. More information can be found HERE.

Connected Field Service has been a hot topic for the Nordics and we have recently hosted two events on the subject. Firstly, In Copenhagen, PTC, Service Max and Noventum hosted a workshop revolving around Connected Field Service. During the meeting, a group of global service directors and executives came together to explore how manufacturing organisations can successfully develop and deploy new IoT enabled service models. Key conclusions were that IoT enabled business models often require a whole new set of capabilities, therefore implementing them has far reaching implications. Technology is not the biggest challenge here. Companies first need to distinguish hype from business potential by investigating where they can really add value to their customer’s business. The next steps are getting the organisation aligned and ensuring commitment of the board. The day was concluded with a live demo from Service Max that showed how its and PTCs proven platforms can help service businesses to accelerate the implementation of their new IoT enabled business models.  It was an inspiring day and we look forward to next year’s ‘’Connected Field Service’’ session!

Secondly, and as mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Copperberg and PTC hosted a Connected Field Service webinar. Attendees learnt how smart connected products are enabling manufacturers to directly monitor performance, receiving early alerts and fixing problems remotely or dispatching field engineers to avoid downtime during mission critical production. If you missed it, please watch the recording HERE.

There was also an interesting story on Connected Field Service featured in the Swedish publication VerkstadsForum this month. Focusing on Qantas and how it is using intuitive forecasting to win its fight for survival. Please take a moment and read the article HERE - it’s very interesting.

Lastly, we are keen for the content of this newsletter to be of interest to you, if there is something additional that you would like us to cover, please email us at

Filip Stal, Director of Nordic sales at PTC