Software Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Many roles support a common goal: Improving patient lives and outcomes.

“We envision IoT enabling a hospital of the future based almost exclusively in the cloud. Digital healthcare market could see as much as $32.4 billion in near-term revenues.”

— Goldman Sachs, 2015

Software Solutions For The Medical Device Industry

For medical device manufacturers, opportunities abound. Health care systems are being disrupted and reformulated. The growth of wearables and smart, connected devices is ushering in a new era of patient-centric care. With 3-D printing, personalized medical devices are now a reality.

For med tech manufacturers, the convergence of the physical and digital worlds is here, now.

For more than twenty years, PTC has partnered with leading life sciences companies to advance the state of medical engineering. Today five of the top ten medical device companies rely on PTC products to help engineer, manufacture and service more successful medical products.

To drive innovation, Philips is undergoing a global transformation to put the right product information in the hands of Engineering, Sales, Service, and Marketing teams.

What sets PTC apart: An open and extensible, closed-loop solution

Software Solutions For The Medical Device Industry

Unlike solutions that spread engineering intelligence across multiple, disjointed systems, PTC provides an open, extensible and integrated platform that helps you bring it all together.

Discover how you can:

  • Accelerate innovation by designing and delivering smart, connected medical devices that are robust, secure and resilient.
  • Shift from reactive to proactive quality by integratating QA processes throughout your engineering lifecycle.
  • Close the loop from innovation to outcomes, and make better product decisions based on real-world intelligence.

The health care revolution has only just begun. Explore how PTC can partner with you to accelerate your journey.

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