Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is an industry- and world-changing wave of transformation for manufacturers. IDC estimates there will be 30 billion connected "things" by 2020.

What the IoT Means to Manufacturers

Software, sensors, and IP-enabled connectivity are increasingly embedded into the products we design and build. IDC estimates there will be 30 billion connected "things" by 2020. This change defines a fundamental shift in how value is created for individual consumers, and across the entire global economy.

Why "Things" Matter

What's transformative about the IoT isn't the internet itself, but the changing nature of "things" – the products that you make. Smart, connected products are generating new value in ways we couldn't imagine even five years ago – from reduced costs of production to improved efficiencies in areas like service and innovation, opening up new landscapes for invention and growth.

Are You IoT-Ready?

To compete, differentiate, and win in the IoT world, companies and organizations like yours must recognize the transformative power of the IoT – and act. You need to be ready to collect, analyze and capitalize on the information now being generated by customers, suppliers and the products themselves. You must also identify and assess potentially profitable new business opportunities that the product-generated data uncovers.

How Will You Transform Your Organization's IoT Strategy? It's Time to Decide.

Download the Ten Strategic Questions you need to ask to make the right decisions from the cover story of Harvard Business Review, How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition.

Internet of Things Report Raconteur- June 2015

Internet of Things Report

Raconteur, June 2015

This report explores top IoT startups and breakthroughs so far, as well as how the technology could open up new revenue streams for businesses, kick-start a health revolution, and impact on the future of smart cities and connected retail. Download now ››


The IoT Impact - Finding Your Company's Role in the New Smart Connected World

The IoT Impact — Finding Your Company's Role in the New Smart Connected World

In this research paper, written by Bill McBeath at ChainLink Research (May 2015), we look at the 10 critical questions posed in the Harvard Business Review article "How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition."
Download full report ››

Smart, Connected Products in Manufacturing - IDCSmart, Connected Products in Manufacturing

IDC Research Manager Heather Ashton speaks with PTC about the manufacturing industry's growing adoption of smart, connected products and the product-as-a-service business model.
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Oxford Economics Smart Connected Products (SCP) Report

Oxford Economics Smart Connected Products (SCP) Report

Based on a recent Oxford Economics report, this eBook summarizes key survey findings that reveal Smart Connected Products are already transforming how manufacturers compete. Download the eBook now ›› | Request the full report ››

New Capabilities of Smart, Connected Products (SCP) eBook

Smart, connected products are evolving into interconnected systems that introduce new capabilities. To learn how manufacturers are using these capabilities to achieve true, closed-loop lifecycle management, download the eBook ››