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Compare Industrial Products today to those just 10 years ago; they incorporate more high technology content with electronics and software, they need to meet the demands of diverse operating conditions in broadly dispersed geographic markets, they need to meet local regulations in those markets, be “green”, be of the highest possible quality, and they need to be optimised for lifecycle operating costs to compete with emerging low cost competition.

Great challenges need great solutions. PTC offers comprehensive solutions for all phase of the product development to service lifecycle in the Product Development System (PDS).

  • Implement a Closed Loop Quality System to deliver a high quality, safe and reliable product
  • Optimise resources for Global Product Development across continents, teams and disciplines
  • Manage the proliferation of Mechatronics and Embedded Software across multiple Engineering disciplines
  • Implement Green Product Development and Manage Product Performance to comply with regulation, legislation and market demands.
  • Enable Design in Context in a heterogeneous environment, to Design Complex products with more variants using multiple tools.
  • Improve after sales operations with Service Solutions to drive revenues, profits and customer loyalty.

Customer Successes

Makson Industries Drastically Improves Surface Finish and Reduces Programming Time by 30% by Investing in PTC Pro/TOOLMAKER

Makson Industries in Aurangabad, West India is a manufacturer of machine tool parts, jigs, fixtures, tools and dies.
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