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Four important trends in the electronics and high tech industry are driving change at an ever increasing rate:
  • The consumer is in charge
  • The challenges of digital convergence
  • The need to innovate to survive
  • And business alignment to address the vast potential of global markets
In response to these trends High Tech companies are responding with the following initiatives:
  • Resource Optimisation: To effectively deal with global markets and global operations High Tech business must optimise resources for global product development across continents, multi-national teams and disciplines while continuing to improve product quality
  • Managing Requirements in a Global context: In a dynamic world with diverse regulations and legislation, businesses must ensure constantly changing customer requirements are captured and fully understood by all team members
  • Innovation imperative: Strategies to drive innovation with increased product capabilities and smarter products, drives more software into products but many companies experience quality issues and schedule delays developing software intensive products
  • Cost containment: Decisions in the early stages of the lifecycle can affect up to 80% of product cost; align strategic supply chain decisions with product development
  • Customer centricity: Improve customer satisfaction and reduce warranty cost with Service Solutions to drive revenues, profits and customer loyalty

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