Service Information Management Solutions for Airlines and aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Creating and managing documentation is critical to operating airlines fleet cost-effectively and in compliance with industry safety regulations. Information that must be managed by airlines includes policy and procedure manuals, Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM), General Maintenance Manuals (GMM), and flight manuals. In addition, regulatory filings for FAA, TSA, OSHA, DOT and others are labor-intensive realities for the civil aviation industry. Aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service providers depend on detailed technical documentation about individual aircraft configurations, specific parts and systems, and the history of each component over the entire aircraft lifecycle. This technical documentation is based on thousands of pages of complex technical information supplied by the aircraft manufacturer and must be continuously updated with every flight, service, or maintenance procedure. Failure to provide technical documentation proving compliance with industry regulations often results in multi-million-dollar fines for the civil airlines operators.

The PTC product information delivery software is ideally suited to the needs of airlines and MRO providers. PTC’s software is unique in its ability to manage the complex configurations of technical documentation and to dynamically manage tail-number specific documentation. Used as the foundation for Industry-specific solutions delivered by PTC’s strategic partners, PTC’s software offers the greatest breadth of functionality including: structured authoring, technical illustrations, publishing, content management, workflow, configuration management, collaboration and delivery all on one integral platform. The complete solutions provided by PTC’s partners deliver the critical capabilities needed to reduce costs and errors in technical documentation, increase productivity through greater reuse of material, and speed up cycle times for initial document creation and delivery of time-sensitive changes. Leading airlines and civil aviation MRO providers use these solutions to meet their regulatory requirements and optimize the process of creating and delivering the service publications critical to keeping their airplanes operational.

PTC’s industry expert partners provide solutions to address your specific business needs:

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