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Advanced Geometry- Unlocking the Potential of Pro/ENGINEER


Variable Section Sweep


»Origin Trajectory

  • Defines the path of the sweep
  • Establishes the origin of sketch


  • Establish the sketch Plane
    orientation (X-Trajectory)
  • Provide sketcher reference
    and guide curve capabilities

The origin trajectory typically defines the path of the sweep feature in addition to setting up the origin of the sweeping coordinate system. Additional chains may also be selected by the user. The primary reason to define additional chains is to specify additional geometry used for section referencing and sketch plane orientation.

Once a chain has been specified, the user has the option of designating the entity as the X-Trajectory. The purpose of the X-Trajectory is to establish the sketch plane orientation. X-Trajectory–X-axis of the section plane passes through the intersection point of the specified X-Trajectory and the section plane along the sweep.

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