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Improve Customer Service Levels, Reduce Operational Costs, Maximize Inventory Investment

Dynamic, global service operations require spare parts management strategies that support high equipment availability while minimizing parts inventory costs.

Getting an accurate spare parts forecast is challenging when your service business manages a mix of fast- and slow-moving parts, parts with sporadic demand, a large array of parts due to extended product support, the added complexity of managing new part introductions, and industry-specific business factors.

Spare parts management solutions continuously optimize inventories based on target service levels, part lead times, and other factors, thus preventing inventory obsolescence, reducing operational costs, and opening up new revenue and profit opportunities.

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Spare Parts Management Software Meets Customer Needs

PTC’s Spare Parts Management Solution makes sure that you have the right parts available at the right time and the right place, allowing you to meet your customers’ spare parts needs by balancing the unique complexities of a global service supply chain.

Benefits of Spare Parts Management:

  • Increased equipment availability
  • Higher service levels
  • Reduced excess inventory
  • Greater forecast accuracy
  • Stronger part availability
  • Lower repair, ordering, and expediting costs
Spare Parts Management Software Meets Customer Needs
Optimizing Spare Parts Inventory for Profit

Optimizing Spare Parts Inventory for Profit

What’s the first step in implementing spare parts inventory management best practices? Knowing the critical success factors.

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Explore the Spare Parts Management Toolkit

Here you’ll find industry research, infographics, case studies and thought leadership detailing how to optimize your spare parts inventory.

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Explore the Spare Parts Management Toolkit
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Our solution enables you to implement spare parts inventory management best practices across your service supply chain.

By understanding your customers’ spare parts demand and improving stocking levels, you can deliver significant customer value through increased parts availability and equipment uptime.

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