Remote Service

Remotely Monitor, Diagnose, and Repair Equipment

Remote Service Capabilities: Reducing Costly Service Visits to Stay Competitive and Gain Market Share

Manufacturers are responding to the increasing complexity of doing business on a global stage. For equipment manufacturers, increasing sales can also mean increased service costs. Facing additional pressures to grow revenue and profit while controlling costs, many manufacturers know they must look to new profit channels, including after-sale service contracts.


In the next few years, OEMs expect that 30% of their revenues will come from service contracts, marking a tremendous opportunity to differentiate your business by offering outcome-based service contracts, and fast, efficient service delivery. 

How do OEMs adapt their service business to meet customer expectations around uptime and mean time to repair? Understanding that customers expect faster turnarounds and minimal downtimes, OEMs need to evolve their service business to become more cost-effective and more efficient – serving more customers, faster, and cheaper. One way to provide new levels of service is by incorporating remote service capabilities into your service model.

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ThingWorx Remote Service solutions enable your organization to monitor assets and capture critical alerts in real-time. Remotely access assets to further analyze and disposition alerts; update software and load diagnostic scripts with bi-directional file transfer.

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