Optimize Inspection Procedures With Vuforia Instruct

Democratize expertise, improve accuracy, and drive continuous process improvement with CAD-based work instructions.

Vuforia Instruct: Efficient. Accurate. Traceable.

Vuforia Instruct accelerates and simplifies the creation and delivery of augmented 3D work instructions to frontline workers to optimize inspections for quality and field maintenance use cases.

Augmented reality (AR) work instructions reduce the errors associated with traditional training and instruction methods. They also provide an opportunity to capture input related to specific procedures that can easily be shared for traceability and process improvement.


Improve quality and operational efficiency to drive business value

Vuforia Instruct is the fastest and easiest way to author CAD-based work instructions to scale engineering excellence, digitize manufacturing processes, and empower frontline workers.

Quality and Inspection
Efficiency, Safety, and Agility
Continuous Improvement
Customer Satisfaction and Brand Reputation

Quality and Inspection

Improve quality and inspection processes to reduce costs. Poor inspection and product quality can represent millions of dollars per year for industrial customers. Augmented reality-guided work instructions improve accuracy and reduce costs such as scrap, rework, defects, recalls, and warranty claims.

Efficiency, Safety, and Agility

Increase frontline efficiency, safety, and agility. Employees are provided with better information and visual guidance for the tasks they’re about to perform, including safety requirements, navigation, comparisons, and verification that it’s done—and done right.

Continuous Improvement

Foster continuous improvement and informed business decisions. Stakeholders can easily analyze the critical data and insights gathered at the front line to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement facilitating corrective action.

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Reputation

Improve brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Keep your customers happy and loyal by ensuring that they receive quality products on time that function efficiently throughout the lifecycle.

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Better together: Vuforia Instruct and Vuforia Expert Capture

As part of Vuforia’s work instruction solutions, Vuforia Instruct is a companion offering to Vuforia Expert Capture. These offerings can work seamlessly together - addressing a wider range of enterprise use cases. Whether you’re capturing tacit domain knowledge or leveraging existing 3D CAD data to build instructions, Vuforia makes authoring, publishing, and scaling instructions to your workforce fast and easy.

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