Real-time Guidance on Design Decisions

With Creo Simulation Live, you get instant feedback on your design decisions in your CAD environment as you work. You no longer have to guess at how your design might perform under real-world conditions. You iterate fast, incorporating as many design changes as you want, confident that you’ve made the best-informed decisions possible.

What Is the Value of Using Real-time Guidance as You Design?

Catch problems 65% faster

Produce 46% fewer prototypes

Develop 37% more innovative designs


Learn more about the value of using real-time guidance as you design.

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What is Creo Simulation Live?

This ground-breaking technology performs structural, thermal, and modal analysis on 3D CAD designs in seconds. No more back and forth; no separate environments. Created especially for design engineers, the analysis updates dynamically in real-time as you edit, create new features, or change properties.

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Creo Simulation Live
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Simulation-Led Design: Using Simulation in Product Design

What if there were a way to democratize the use of simulation empowering designers and other non-CAE experts to validate models and ensure that requirements will be met? Such a step would accelerate development while allowing many more design alternatives to be evaluated.

This is the driving force behind Simulation-Led Design (SLD).

In this whitepaper we will explore:

  • Upstream simulation
  • The way we can democratize simulation and put it in the hands of the designer
  • How to implement simulation into your design process
  • Best practices and unique workflows"

Creo Simulation Live Advanced: Fluid Flow Simulation

Have a design that warrants you factoring in how it interacts with fluids? Fluid Flow Simulation allows you to do just that and enables you to Iterate on your designs faster with real-time-computational fluid dynamics feedback within Creo.

With Creo Simulation Live Advanced you get a host of Fluid Flow Simulation capabilities like:

  • Fluid domain creation
  • External flow
  • Internal flow
  • Results display and interactive probes
  • Fluid flow and temperature simulations
  • Streamlines, cut planes, particles, and direction field

With Creo Simulation Live, Designers Receive Design Guidance Using the Following Capabilities:

    Product Design E-book

    Product Design E-book

    Find out how much you can revolutionize product design and analysis with Creo Simulation Live.

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    Product Design e-book

    Research Brief

    Research Brief

    Top-performing companies use simulation tools early in design. Find out what else separates the best from the rest in this revealing study from Tech-Clarity.

    Free Research Brief
    Research Brief For Design Engineers

    Webinar: Steelcase Use Case

    Webinar: Steelcase Use Case

    Learn how Steelcase uses simulation in their design process. Presented by Michael Kron and Gavin Quinlan.

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    Design Engineer Checklist

    Simulation Software Buyer’s Guide

    Simulation Software Buyer’s Guide

    What should you look for in a simulation solution? Identify selection criteria that matter most for design engineers.

    Free Buyer’s Guide
    Simulation Software Buyer’s Guide

    On-demand Webinar: Real-time Simulation

    On-demand Webinar: Real-time Simulation

    Learn how top-performing companies use simulation in their design process. Presented by Todd Kraft and Michelle Boucher.

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    On-Demand Webinar: Real-Time Simulation

    Here Is What Our Customers Have to Say About Creo Simulation Live

    Stephan Esser, Designer at SQlab GmbH Taufkirchen, Germany
    “Creo Simulation Live is the perfect solution to help me design new products that work the first time. I am not a simulation expert, but now I can do stress analysis myself. It is so easy to set up, runs fast and automatically stays synchronized with my design changes.”

    Randy Soukup, Business Analyst at Daktronics
    “When I first saw the Creo Simulation Live demo, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Design iterations that would normally take weeks only took seconds. I tapped my co-worker and said we’ve gotta have this.”

    W. Scott Taylor, Senior Mechanical Engineer at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
    “I think that our Designers could have a significant impact, by way of reduction, on time loss due to a burdened “hand off” to Analysis and “return” to Design cycle history.”

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