Incorporating simulation in the design phase

Introduce simulation to your design process early on

With the demand for cheaper, lighter, faster, and stronger products that work the first time, the traditional design process is no longer able to scale. This is where analysis and simulation-led design comes in. By incorporating design simulation, designers and engineers can:

  • Find problems earlier in the design process when they are easier and less expensive to fix
  • Produce higher quality products that cost less to manufacture
  • Enable analysts to focus on higher fidelity, more complex analysis

Creo Ansys Simulation: Engineering Simulation Software for design refinement and validation

Creo Ansys Simulation seamlessly integrates the power of Ansys, the leader in engineering simulation, directly into Creo. Built specifically for designers and engineers, this easy-to-use, fully-featured, high-fidelity simulation tool leverages Ansys’ capabilities for thermal, structural, and modal analyses. Furthermore, users can share loads and constraints with Creo Simulation Live during the design phase and export their simulation study to Ansys Mechanical.

Capabilities include:

  • Finite element analysis for parts and assemblies
  • Automatic meshing
  • Finite element modeling idealizations
  • Static structural analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Steady state thermal analysis
  • Linear contact analysis
  • Joints
Creo Simulation Live for design guidance Creo Simulation Live for design guidance

Revamp your design workflow with design simulation

Creo Ansys Simulation provides for all your high-fidelity, high-accuracy simulation needs, focusing on the design refinement and validation phase of the design process. But, what about the initial design phase?

That’s where you need a tool that provides instantaneous and interactive guidance while you design. Creo Simulation Live provides you with real-time guidance as you design, allowing you to catch problems 65% faster and develop more innovative concepts.

Creo Simulate

Explore other simulation tools

There are other amazing high fidelity simulation tools in the Creo portfolio for use throughout the development process to reduce physical prototyping costs, design cycle times, and analysis department backlog. Creo Simulation is our legacy simulation software that comes with linear studies like; structural, thermal, and vibration analysis. If you want to study how advanced nonlinear effects should influence the product design then you can opt for Creo Advanced Simulation that expands on the capabilities of Creo Simulation.

If you want to know which tools will fit your project needs better, refer to our complete simulation portfolio to make your decision.

Want to incorporate simulation into your design process? Ask us how!

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