Concept Design

Optimize Your Conceptual Design Process with Creo

Successful products start out as well thought out concepts. Concept design is at the starting line of new product development and has a major influence on a product’s outcome.


Pressures to deliver on schedule can lead to shortened conceptual design processes. Furthermore, design data often needs to be recreated because toolsets aren’t compatible. Obstacles like these prevent the exploration of new or different designs— limiting innovation and ultimately affecting cost, marketability and the result of the final product.

Concept design solutions create significant opportunities for efficiency gains, allowing you to research and evaluate more design options. Committing to best practices in concept design enables you to further your design and product potential while keeping to a deadline and budget.

Creo, PTC’s solution to concept design, is an award-winning suite of apps created to help protect your intellectual property and tackle challenges faced during new product development. To learn more, visit the concept design resource center, or experience Creo first hand with a 30-day free trial.