PTC Managed Services

Cloud Hosting and Application Management to Optimize Solution Performance

Why Managed Services?

Deploying and managing enterprise applications can be challenging, costly, and time consuming, especially when IT organizations are already stretched thin. With PTC Managed Services, companies are guaranteed rapid deployment, secure hosting, and 24/7 application management, tuning, and updates with experienced application specialists. The result: Peak software performance, minimum risk, and maximum business value.

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Current Offerings

PTC offers Managed Services for a wide range of products and solutions.*

Product Lifecycle Management:

Supply Chain Management:

Service Lifecycle Management:

*PTC Managed Services will provide offerings for additional PTC products and solutions in the coming months. Check this page again soon for an updated list.

Features and Benefits

PTC Managed Services includes four pillars of service to ensure maximum value from PTC solutions with minimal IT risk or burden:

  • Rapid Deployment: Deploying pre-configured PTC applications on our own servers minimizes the time required to get your applications up and running. In many cases, we can make the application available for initial review in less than 24 hours. In all cases we eliminate the need for you to properly size and select the right hardware, ensure OS and database compatibility, and manage the implementation to ensure rapid time to value.
  • Secure Hosting and IT Administration: Letting PTC host and administer solutions ensures scalable and redundant infrastructure, state of the art security and disaster recovery, predictable operational expense (without any capital expense), and expert administration of all systems necessary to support peak application performance.
  • Expert Application Management: Letting application specialists from PTC manage your solutions ensures maximum uptime and performance from your business-critical applications, with application SLA’s of 99.5%. PTC Managed Services proactively monitors, tunes, and updates your applications, often identifying and correcting potential problems before they appear, and working closely with PTC R&D to get to the root of any issue and minimize any disruption.
  • Value Assurance: Dedicated PTC Relationship Managers serve as a single, expert point of contact to cut through any potential slowdowns in support or problem resolution, conduct regular reviews, and ensure peak application performance. Complementing and ensuring the other three pillars of service, Relationship Managers demonstrate the full commitment of PTC Managed Services to deliver optimum business value with its solutions.

With such a comprehensive approach, CIOs and business leaders can rest easy with the knowledge that any application issues will be handled by the most experienced PTC software and IT administrators on the planet. Rather than worrying about application uptime and performance, they can focus on the true business value of the applications themselves.

With PTC Managed Services, the benefits are clear:

  • Reduced implementation and management risk
  • Faster time to value with new solutions
  • Predictable operational expense
  • Reduced in-house IT burden
  • Maximum business value

PTC Managed Services has 15 years of experience hosting and managing business-critical applications for more than 100 customers across a wide range of industries. Current customers include some of the most demanding industry leaders, including ABB, Chrysler, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Dell, Sony, Southwest Airlines, and the U.S. Navy.