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Start with a blank PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet, define variables, add units to measurements, and type formulas using standard math notation! Include a data table and a graph. Describe your work using powerful text handling capabilities. When you use PTC Mathcad Prime, you can simultaneously document and perform your analysis, creating a reusable analysis tool with state of the art capabilities.

Got a new idea? Assign a new value to a variable or update a formula – all of the calculations in the worksheet update, automatically. PTC Mathcad Prime brings conceptual designs, homework papers, and lab reports to life!

PTC Mathcad Benefits
  • Document interface includes math, text, image, and graphics capabilities
  • Includes powerful mathematical tools for data analysis and problem solving
  • Easy to learn, no programming skills required
Mathcad Prime Live Scratchpad Tutorial

PTC Mathcad Prime Live Scratchpad Tutorial
This tutorial introduces the user to the basics of entering and evaluating numerical expressions in PTC Mathcad Prime. PTC Mathcad's unit handling capabilities are introduced and explained in brief.

Level: Novice Users
Ages: All

Better Communication with Mathcad Prime Tutorial

Better Communication with PTC Mathcad Prime Tutorial
This tutorial presents an extended example of using PTC Mathcad Prime to solve a system of linear equations in Algebra 1. PTC Mathcad regions such as the Text Box, the Plot Region, and the Math Region are discussed. Users learn to use PTC Mathcad Boolean, Evaluation, and Assignment equality symbols. Basic document formatting skills are discussed.

Level: Novice Users
Ages: Secondary School

Programming with Mathcad Prime Tutorial

Programming with PTC Mathcad Prime Tutorial
This tutorial introduces the user to the basics of defining functions and programs in a PTC Mathcad Worksheet. PTC Mathcad’s basic Programming capabilities are introduced and applied.

Level: Intermediate Users
Ages: All

Using Mathcad for Parametric Equations

Using PTC Mathcad for Parametric Equations
This tutorial introduces the user to using PTC Mathcad Prime to model and solve problems involving motion. PTC Mathcad's ability to work with parametric equations are emphasized.

Level: Intermediate Users
Ages:Secondary School

Online Training
Learning Exchange

Learning Exchange
Learn how to use PTC Mathcad Prime by watching short tips and tricks videos developed by PTC Product Experts.

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