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Save time and your team’s budget by designing, assembling, and testing your robot in Creo before building it.

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Securely manage and share Creo, Mathcad, and Office documents online using Windchill’s program management and data vault capabilities. Never again ask, “Does anyone have that file on their hard drive?”

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Mathcad Prime Student Edition

  • Go to and download the Mathcad Prime Trial Download (640 MB). You will need to setup a (or use your existing) account.
  • Extract the files from the file and perform the installation using the Quick Steps to Installing the Mathcad Prime Free Trial on the download page.
  • Get started using Mathcad Prime – your free trial will last for 30 days and provides you with a Professional Edition of Mathcad Prime.
  • To acquire a free permanent license for Mathcad Prime, email to request a Product Code that will enable you to activate a permanent license. Please make sure to do this promptly so that you can activate your permanent license within 30 days.
  • After your email request, you will receive a Product Code by email within a couple of days. Follow the instructions in the email to activate a permanent license for Mathcad Prime. (The license acquisition process occurs within the Mathcad Prime application. You do not need to download or install Mathcad Prime a second time).

Installation or Licensing Problems:

  • For assistance with downloading or installing the Mathcad Prime free trial use the resources on the Mathcad Free Trial download page
  • For assistance with activating your free license using the Product Code email

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Note: this form should only be filled out by your FTC and FRC team main contact.

Once the form has been submitted, your will be sent an email with instructions to create your own teams collaboration project. From this project, you will be able to manage your robot design, conduct team meetings and discussions and collaborate on the evolution of your design. In addition, you and your team will be able to download PTC Creo and PTC Mathcad. 

PTC understands that children's privacy is of the utmost importance and will not knowingly accept personal information from children without parental consent. If you are under 13 years old, please include your parent or guardians e-mail address so that we are able to obtain consent to creating at PTC Windchill project. In the event a parent wishes that the PTC Windchill project be removed or corrected, please contact PTC at PTC Account Support.

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Minimum Software Requirements for Creo

Supported on certified 32-bit and 64-bit and Windows platforms

Windows XP (Base OS Service Pack 1, 2, and 3):

  • Windows XP Professional Edition
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Base OS Service Pack 2)

Windows 7 (Base OS, Service Pack 1) :

  • Windows 7 Professional Edition
  • Windows 7 Professional x64 Edition
  • Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Edition
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Edition

The following specifications are the minimum requirements to successfully run this edition.

  • Main Memory: 2 GB or higher
  • Available Disk Space: 2.0GB
  • Swap Space: - 1 GB or higher
  • CPU Speed: - 1 GHz (2.4GHz recommended)
  • Graphics: OpenGL supported card*
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0 SP1; Mozilla based browser
  • Network: Microsoft TCP/IP, Ethernet network adapter
  • Monitor: 1024 X 768 or higher resolution with 24-bit or higher color
  • File Systems: NTFS
  • Mouse: Microsoft approved 3 button mouse
  • Distribution Media: Downloadable installation executable or DVD

*Understanding the user demographic for all edition, it is required that the edition be able to run without OpenGL. This is primarily due to the fact that users might be using this edition on home desktop machines and the available graphics cards may not support OpenGL. In order to address this issue in the event that users graphics card does not support OpenGL, PTC will include Software OpenGL technology into the installation.

This will be controlled by a new option called use_software_opengl=yes. When activated, Creo Elements/Pro will utilize the software OpenGL and ignore the standard graphics option.

For additional information on platform support details, please review the official Creo 2.0 Platform Support Matrix

Download the FTC and FRC Kit of Parts Training and Resources

PTC offers a wide variety of training options to help FIRST teams understand the value of the Engineering Process and how using PTC software can help you with your overall team and robot design.


PTC provides opportunities for scholarships to the University of Minnesota and the University of Massachusetts Amherst Engineering programs

  • 2013-2014 PTC/University of Massachusetts Amherst Scholarship
    Learn More | Apply
  • 2013-2014 PTC/University of Minnesota Scholarship
    Learn More | Apply
PTC Grants

PTC would like to recognize those FTC and FRC teams that use PTC software, and who are also in need of funding. We do this through sponsorship of team grants.

  • 2013-2014 PTC/FTC Grant Application – Deadline has passed for new applications
  • 2014 PTC/FRC Grant Application – Deadline has passed for new applications

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