PTC Academic Program: Support

The PTC Academic Program is committed to the success of our users and the Academic Support team is committed to ensuring that all of our users can achieve the most out of their education software experience. This commitment is intended provide accurate technical support as promptly as possible to students and faculty users and to the team members, mentors and coaches participating in STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Challenges such as the Real World Design Challenge, FIRST competitions, or collegiate design competitions.

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The Academic Support team’s main goal is to ensure that PTC Academic software can be properly installed as easily as possible and that each application performs as expected for each of our users. Since in depth functional support for PTC applications is provided only to users who have a maintenance contract with PTC, the Support team has drafted a number of guidelines to help each user understand exactly what can be expected when supported is needed.

Support Guidelines

The PTC Academic Program currently supports Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0), and the Creo 1.0 and 2.0 product suites. These are commercial level CAD applications which are supported only on certified 32-bit and 64-bit and Windows platforms.

Please see the PTC Platform Support pages and the Hardware/Platform Support Policy for more information. The Platform Support pages are broken up by Product for general information on different applications and by Platform for information on different certified model configurations from specific vendors such as Dell, Fujitsu or HP.

The machines supported may be commonly referred to as a CAD (or CAD-level) workstations. A CAD workstation is essentially a combination of a specific Operating System flavor and a graphics card in the Nvidia Quadro/QuadroFX or ATI FirePro/FireGL families which are professional, OpenGL graphics card specifically designed for this purpose.

The minimum hardware requirements for Creo 2.0 can be found here:

For additional information on platform support details, please review the official PTC Hardware Notes

For information on support for machines that have not been officially tested please review the following document.

The PTC Academic Program is committed to the success of our users. The PTC Academic Support team has identified a number of common issues which our customers have run into when installing and working with PTC Academic software. The following will help answer many Frequently Asked Questions regarding the PTC Academic Program and applications available to our users. Users are encouraged to review all of the instructional and information documentation that was sent with software and also to check this page frequently for answers to any new issues that multiple users have encountered. These FAQs have been broken up into the following areas:

  • General FAQ: Deals with questions about PTC online accounts, support available to Academic customers and where to go for support.
  • Installation FAQ: Deals with questions on hardware requirements, the installation process, download problems and other installation related issues.
  • Licensing FAQ: Deals with questions about the licenses needed for PTC Academic software, problems encountered obtaining a license and installing a license on a new machine.

Please consult these pages often as with the release of new versions of the software new issues may arise that are common among many users.

If you have encountered a problem, which is not resolved with one of the FAQ questions please do not attempt to uninstall and then reinstall PTC Creo until you have submitted a Support request.

The PTC Academic Program is committed to the success of our users. This form has been provided for you to submit your requests for technical support for installation and licensing issues with the Academic software. This will ensure that your request is tracked and that the appropriate PTC Support personnel can follow up with you.

Prior to submitting a request users are encouraged to check the following items.

  • Please ensure that you have registered for your software and have received the email with product code plus download instructions. If you have not you may register here:
    • PTC Creo registration for K12 educators and students
    • PTC Creo registration for College/University educators and students
    • PTC Mathcad registration for K12 educators and students (US only)
    • PTC STEM Program particpants (inlcuding FIRST, RWDC, Starbase, SAE, etc.) should have received this information through the program. Please refer to the website and your instructors or mentors for information on the product code and download instructions.
  • Please check the PTC Academic Support FAQ pages common minor problems
  • Please also check Software Resource pages


The PTC Academic Support team has identified a number of issues which go beyond normal FAQ type subjects requiring a more in depth solution be presented. Please go over the landing page which has descriptions of these issues that will outline common symptoms, severity of the issue, and complexity of the solution. The descriptions will have links to the resource page outlining the solution.

If you are unsure of your ability to follow any of the solutions outlined or are having trouble working through them please submit a Support Request which includes:

  • Which solution you were working on
  • The exact edition of the software you’re using
  • Product code used to install the software
  • PTC HostID of your machine(s)
  • Details of any error messages found in the log file or reported by the client software

Please visit the Support Resource landing page to search for solutions that match your issue.