Creo for the PTC Academic Program

Creo is an integrated suite of 2D and 3D design software that includes both direct and parametric modeling, used by 27,000 of the world's leading product design companies.

Creo solves the three main frustrations in teaching mechanical design:

Creo will unlock the freedom to choose the right tool, for the right user, at the right time.

Creo offers the ability to freely mix-and-match between the superior capabilities in 3D Parametric with truly easy-to-use applications such as 3D Direct.

Technology Lock-In
Configure PTC University eLearning Libraries to teach and assess students from over 3,000 hours of existing content.

With graduate recruitment more competitive than ever, PTC has reinforced its commitment to providing all students of a college or university that has the Creo University Plus Program, with access to our industry-leading CAD software for FREE. This one-year timed license of Creo 1.0 Schools Edition can be downloaded and used by students at home, so they can prepare for class, complete homework assignments, and work on projects anytime, anywhere.

Take advantage of integrated and associative applications as used by over 27,000 of the world’s leading product development companies.


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