Testing your Designs

Rigorous testing is key to understanding how well a product is performing and helping you improve it further. Whenever you are testing, make sure you use proper science methods to isolate the cause of any performance changes.

F3 Challenge – Scalextric provides the F3 challenge analogue sport track at cost price to schools. The test track layout was designed to fit on a standard table tennis/ping pong table.

Bloodhound – In regions with a national competition, a 40 metre straight track is provided. Schools can test acceleration by joining the straight track pieces from the F3 track together. Teaming up with neighboring schools will extend the track length available. Families may also have Scalextric track you can borrow.

Speed control – The PWM speed control circuit replaces the standard hand controller and uses a PP3 battery or 9v smoothed power supply.

Local competitions – Encourage other local schools to get involved and then you can hold your own local competitions.

National Competitions – Where there is sufficient interest, we organise a national competition. Details of these are under the Get Started link on the Scalextric4Schools home page.

Competition videos

Features and Benefits

  • Cost price track from Scalextric.
  • Guide to setting up cars for maximum performance.
  • National competitions in some regions.
Testing your Designs - Race