Research and Development

Here you will find links, examples and videos to help you with ideas, testing and design improvements. If you have things you would like to share with others send them to: 

Features & Benefits

  • Cost price track from Scalextric.
  • Guide to setting up cars for maximum performance.
  • National competitions in some regions.

Foam Body Car

Few schools in Australia have vacuum formers so how about machining the body from blue foam, spraying with filler spray, sanding and painting?
Download the PTC Creo model for the foam bodied car


Chris Jarman and David Eyre produced realistic 1/32 scale replica slot cars.
One is wheel driven and the other uses a ducted fan.

Parallel Twin

Here two motors are mounted parallel to each other and the rear axle has two contrate gears.

V Twin

This design has two motors mounted in a 'V' arrangement with both motor pinions using the same contrate gear on the axle.

Ducted Fan

The white car uses a ducted fan commonly found in electric powered radio control aircraft.
In this case a pencil size DC motor is used but a Scalextric4Schools motor would also work.

Brushless Motor

How about a larger fan driven by a brushless motor! PIC circuits are programmed to produce the pulses needed to drive the motor.


Here is a wheel driven replica of Donald Campbells Bluebird.
Would you copy a previous design or create a new one of your own?

Vacuum Formed Chassis

Enthusiast, David Eyre has come up with a very interesting alternative to the laser cut chassis.


Axle bearings are brass inserts out of electrical terminal blocks. The clamping screws attach the brass block to the vacuum forming. Download the PTC Creo model of the mold

Dodge Charger

Modeled by David Eyre, this car has a soldered wire chassis and vacuum formed body in PTC livery.
S4S_InnovativeIdeas.jpgSee more innovative ideas from ex-teacher David Eyre in PTC Communities. S4S_Thrust2.jpg

Thrust2 Replica

Balsa chassis and vacuum formed body modeled by ex-teacher Chris Jarman.

Plywood Chassis

Another enthusiast, Chris Jarman, created this plywood model which may be greener than using plastic. This could be important if your team is entering the Eco challenge.
S4S_AstonMartinRacing.jpgPTC is an Official Partner of Aston Martin Racing, supplying the team with Creo 3D modeling software to develop their GT racing cars. The same software you are using to design your car!

Hornby use Creo to design their Hornby trains, Corgi models and Scalextric slot cars.

Take a look at this hugely funny commercial of Nigel Mansell buying car insurance

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