An exciting and affordable Design — Make — Race challenge for middle and high schools

Comprehensive STEM curriculum Is provided making the challenge suitable for the taught curriculum or as an after school activity.

Design — Students are shown how to research existing products and encouraged to come up with their own ideas. They are then taught how to use the same software professional designers and engineers use so they can create a 3D model of their design.

Make — We show students how to use laser cutters for creating the chassis and NC router/mills to make moulds for vacuum forming the body. Schools are using many different manufacturing techniques including 3D printing. Cost price components are provided to keep the cost of a finished car below £2 GBP ($3 USD)

Race — Cost price race track is available to schools for testing their designs whether cars or speed controllers.

The Scalextric4Schools Challenge offers the following challenges:

  • F3 track race — Design for acceleration, braking and cornering are the key to success in this formula.
    2014 S4S F3 rules
  • Bloodhound land speed record — Outright speed is the focus for this challenge. With 12v 8A available can you design a car to break 1000mph scale speed and set a new world record?
    2014 S4S Bloodhound rules
  • Speed control — Design your own speed controller using energy efficient digital speed control circuits.
    2014 S4S Speed controller rules

Features and Benefits


  • Fully documented.
  • Easy to introduce.
  • Low cost.
  • Complete product development challenge.
  • Computer manufacture
  • Science and mathematics explained.
  • Builds team skills.

PTC Creo

  • PTC Creo is an industry leading 3D modeler free to middle and high schools.
  • PTC Creo combines ease of use, wide range of tools and powerful design, analysis and simulation capability.
  • PTC provides comprehensive STEM curriculum.
S4S Finished F3 CarsS4S Winning Speed Controller.jpS4S Winning LSR Car