Automation Design is 10% More Efficient Using PTC Creo

Improving departmental efficiency while maintaining a high level of quality

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Automation Design has provided quality engineering and modeling design services since 2001. Known for creating the highest quality customized CAD drawings for their customers. Read additional PTC Creo customers stories and on the PTC Creo blog.


  • Expand product offerings to attract new customers and break into new markets
  • Improve departmental efficiency
  • Maintain a high level of quality by utilizing up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology


  • PTC Creo was selected because it is easy-to-use and provides accurate results
  • PTC Creo Simulate can analyze models in one environment and provides needed detail
  • PTC Creo Schematics helps route 3D cables and pipes easily
  • PTC Creo seamlessly accepts data from many vendors


  • Importing data into PTC Creo is 5 minutes faster per project compared to Autodesk Inventor
  • Automation Design’s engineering department is completing10% faster after adopting PTC Creo
  • PTC Creo ribbon interface and other features make day-to-day use faster than Autodesk Inventor
  • PTC Creo provides the team with the ability to import data from multiple vendors and stay competitive with pricing

“We find PTC Creo more intuitive and has enabled the engineering department to be 10% more efficient. With numerous options and more of a direct input environment, it is more professional that other CAD tools. PTC Creo Simulate can analyze models in one environment and provides needed detail.”
— Josh Bendel, Owner, Automation Design

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