Make in India with PTC

Make in IndiaThis is an era for economic prosperity for India; the Indian economic growth story is spoken about in very favourable tones across the world. With the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country growing at more than 7% since 2014, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has kept projections for India’s growth in 2016-2017 at 7.5% compared to its global growth forecast at 3.2% during the same period. The manufacturing sector plays and will continue to play a significant role in the India’s economic growth story. According to IBEF, the Indian government is targeting manufacturing contribution to the Indian GDP at 25% by 2025 compared to its present share of 16%.

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Make in India Policy Initiative

The government of India has already taken several steps for some much needed change required to make India successful. Make in India is a policy initiative that was launched in 2014, with the objective to encourage foreign direct investors manufacture in India. Make in India thus not only increases the manufacturing activity in India but also puts the massive pool of engineers in core manufacturing jobs enabling skill development via sponsored training and sharing of best global practices by the investors with the domestic manufacturers. Hence Make in India is aimed at making Indian manufacturers become globally competitive.

PTC supports Make in India and our goal is to be a trusted partner to the Indian companies looking to participate and succeed with the Make in India policy. PTC has been partnering with manufacturing companies in India for over 22 years; more than 4000 Indian manufacturing companies are using PTC technology. PTC customers are found in every corner of India from Ludhiana to Coimbatore, and Rajkot to Jamshedpur. PTC understands the challenges faced by the Indian manufacturers and is well positioned to support you and your company with the Make in India initiative.

Helping Manufacturers Succeed in India

You may be a supplier to global OEMs or you may be a India based OEM selling to the rest of the world, and we understand that you are constantly thinking about how to win over global competition or exceed customer expectations enabling you to win more contracts.

In PTC with our proven experience of helping manufacturers succeed, we understand the typical challenges faced by manufacturers and the Indian business environment. With our solutions in the areas of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and the Internet of Things (IoT) equips you to compete with suppliers from around the world.

We help manufacturers to:

  • Evaluate complex assemblies in 3D with tens of thousands of parts – in real time
  • Benefit from discussing manufacturing challenges using 3D digital models
  • Reduce number of prototypes by doing thorough early identification of collision checks in the digital world
  • Improve product quality by simulating the kinematics of your parts and assemblies
  • Implement unexpected design changes in your 3D models at any time
  • Reduce time to market by offering accurate assembly information (parts management) to your ERP system (for sourcing)

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