PTC Creo Collaboration Extensions

Effective Multi-CAD Collaboration

The PTC Creo Collaboration Extensions enable organizations to collaborate early and often with internal stakeholders, suppliers, or development partners using different CAD platforms. The software ensures revisions to NX, CATIA, SolidWorks data used in your design can be easily incorporated while protecting design intent built across the models. This allows designers to quickly and easily integrate new revisions of non-PTC Creo data into designs. Additionally, PTC Creo data can be shared with partners in NX, CATIA, SolidWorks formats.

PTC offers four collaboration extensions, each for a specific CAD platform:

PTC Creo Collaboration Extension for CATIA V4
PTC Creo Collaboration Extension for CATIA V5
PTC Creo Collaboration Extension for NX
PTC Creo Collaboration Extension for SolidWorks

PTC Creo Collaboration Extensions Features and Benefits:

  • Enable higher levels of concurrent engineering

    • Easily incorporate non-PTC Creo data throughout the design process
    • Effortlessly manage changes to non-PTC Creo data
    • Protect design intent established between PTC Creo and non-PTC Creo data

  • Promote data re-use and sharing
  • Reduce the need to create and manage neutral formats by exchanging information in the most common 3D CAD formats

Downloadable Datasheets

PTC Creo Collaboration Extensions Datasheet
PTC Creo Options Modeler Datasheet
PTC Creo Parametric Data Sheet