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Did You Know? Create Sweeps with Open Trajectories in PTC Creo

When many of us began creating 3D models in PTC Creo, we learned to work with extrusions. We simply created a profile and extruded it. But alas, not everything can be modeled that way. That’s why designers also use sweeps, another core capability in PTC Creo Parametric. With the Sweep tool, you can create a solid or surface feature by sweeping a profile along a trajectory.

The image below shows a feature created by using a T-shaped profile. Then, the designer removed material by sweeping a circle profile along a slightly modified trajectory to create a channel.



If you want to see how to create sweeps yourself, play the PTC University Learning Exchange video below.

The process is straightforward, but if you need help with your trajectory, visit the PTC Creo Parametric Help Center to see Rules for Defining a Trajectory. If you want to perform a more complex set operations, see To Create a Swept Feature.

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