Remote Service

Axeda Offers a Proven, Scalable, and Secure Remote Service Solution With a Set of Out-of-the-Box Applications

For product manufacturers, remote service is essential to improving up-time, reducing costs through fewer field service visits, and increasing service contract sales with new managed service offerings.

To realize these benefits, manufacturers require a proven remote service solution that offers field-proven scalability and security with a set of out-of-the-box applications that support and service teams can use to remotely identify, diagnose, and resolve issues with their products in the field.

Axeda Connected Machine Management Applications fit that need in helping product manufacturers to deliver proactive service to their range of devices. These applications address:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Software management
  • Reporting and analytics

Axeda connected product management applications provide a remote service solution that helps you:

  • Reduce onsite travel costs with remote repair
  • Minimize spare parts inventory in driving down costs
  • Reduce software distribution costs and installation errors
  • Fix problems fast with reduced diagnosis and troubleshooting time
  • Get proactive fault notification in improving uptime
  • Schedule maintenance only when required