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  1. Aegis was charged to produce statistics measuring the effect of the built environment on wideband radio signals to aid the S@TCOM scheme.
  2. “Arbortext software allows our users to more easily automate the publishing process, reuse text, build bill titles, add numbered references and collaborate with other agencies. As our new system matures, I believe the Arbortext software will help us work more efficiently and make our jobs easier.” – Michele Timmons, Revisor of Statutes, State of Minnesota
  3. "Mathcad is a very important aspect of my job. With Mathcad, the process of creating new calculations and ability to visualize the rationale behind the calculation significantly simplifies and speeds up the entire process of testing and evaluating polymers." ~ Mike Daniels, senior research specialist
  4. Jixi Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1936 as the Jixi Coal Mine Machinery Factory. Reorganized in 2001 as a state-owned company as part of China’s economic reforms, Jixi has become the largest manufacturer of coal mining machines in China. The firm is a leader in integrating design, production and services, and now boasts an annual production value of between $37 million and $49 million (USD), while employing more than 2,400 highly skilled personnel. With its machines used in coal mine production by more than 70 coal mines in 20 provinces, Jixi enjoys a 40% market share in the Chinese coal mine machinery sector.
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