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PTC Windchill PDMLink
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  1. "BWIR provided expertise for our Windchill upgrade that moved years of Polaris customizations from version 6.2 to 9.1. This was a complicated project that required multiple steps and was a challenge that BWIR delivered on. They provided a fixed project cost while utilizing an onsite/offshore model that proved effective. We have worked with BWIR for almost 10 years on projects in a variety of engineering and manufacturing areas. I would not hesitate to utilize them again.” William C. Fisher, CIO and VP, Polaris Industries, Inc.
  2. “PTC Windchill PDMLink enables us to standardize and optimize product development processes – especially with respect to variant management, engineering change requests and documentation requirements.” Ralf Twellmann, Engineering Manager
  3. “In order to realize our goal to develop innovative and competitive products that are defined by individual customer requirements in a global environment we optimize our internal processes continuously. Our PLM strategy helps us to extend our competitive capabilities.” Dr.-Ing. Oliver Rong, Board of Directors Engineering, Production / Vice CEO
  4. “Through the implementation of the project, has been a marked improvement in the engineering data management, design activities on the normative.” Wenxiong Xiang
  5. “PTC Windchill PLM-solution helps us to improve the design data management in whole lifecycle phases – from the beginning design development to the assembling end products.” JSC PELENG
  6. Shengrui Relies on PTC Windchill PDMLink to Improve Design Efficiency.
  7. “PTC Windchill is a great asset because we’re not just organizing solid modeling files, but merging with data sheets, spec sheets, word documents and other files in one place. Engineering and Purchasing’s lives are made easier by being able to quickly access the right information for the customer. In the past, when we have sent the wrong file, I could spend a whole day fixing the problems that caused.” James Lau, Mechanical Engineer
  8. "The Automotive Industry can be very demanding. PTC Windchill gives us the flexibility and stability of process to meet our clients high expectations consistently.” Jeff Wilson, IT Director
  9. Neptune Migrates to PTC Windchill PDMLink Providing Powerful Product and Process Control.
  10. “PTC integrated solutions provide a reliable guarantee for our R&D.” Jiang Xiangdong, General Manager
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