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  1. Speeds Innovation and Time-to-Market Using Intuitive Direct Modeling and Data Management Tools
  2. Custom-maker of Tube-shaping Machinery Discovers Direct Approach to 3D Design is 30% Faster Than Autodesk Inventor®, Five Times Faster Than AutoCAD®
  3. Maker of Instruments that Monitor Intensive Care Patients Cuts Development Time by 50%, Using 50% Less Personnel.
  4. Specialist in Pressing/Forming Technology Installs Creo Elements/Direct Modeling & Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager to Respond Faster with Customized Products.
  5. Direct modeling approach from PTC helps to spur development and innovation.
  6. World Leader in Pasta-making Machinery Uses PTC’s Direct Modeling Approach to Quickly Create Highly Customized Equipment
  7. Fast Moving, Innovative Dutch Engineering and Manufacturing Firm Responds Faster with a Direct Approach to 3D CAD
  8. “We needed a CAD environment that trims fat from product development, so that we remain competitive in a fast-moving industry.” – Peter Johnsson, CAD/ PDM Manager, Norden Machinery AB
  9. Direct modeling approach proves ideal for one-off components and tanks.
  10. Like many organizations on the cutting edge of their industry, DynoTune wanted to make the move from 2D design to 3D CAD in order to create more innovative products faster and increase their competitive edge.
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