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  1. Speeds Innovation and Time-to-Market Using Intuitive Direct Modeling and Data Management Tools
  2. Custom-maker of Tube-shaping Machinery Discovers Direct Approach to 3D Design is 30% Faster Than Autodesk Inventor®, Five Times Faster Than AutoCAD®
  3. Maker of Instruments that Monitor Intensive Care Patients Cuts Development Time by 50%, Using 50% Less Personnel.
  4. Specialist in Pressing/Forming Technology Installs Creo Elements/Direct Modeling & Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager to Respond Faster with Customized Products.
  5. Direct modeling approach from PTC helps to spur development and innovation.
  6. World Leader in Pasta-making Machinery Uses PTC’s Direct Modeling Approach to Quickly Create Highly Customized Equipment
  7. Fast Moving, Innovative Dutch Engineering and Manufacturing Firm Responds Faster with a Direct Approach to 3D CAD
  8. “We needed a CAD environment that trims fat from product development, so that we remain competitive in a fast-moving industry.” – Peter Johnsson, CAD/ PDM Manager, Norden Machinery AB
  9. Direct modeling approach proves ideal for one-off components and tanks.