Service Information Delivery and Field Knowledge Management

Deliver intelligent service and part information, connected with collective service network expertise and knowledge, to optimize service efficiency and effectiveness.

Best Practices: Key Service Information Delivery and Field Knowledge Management Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

Service Information Delivery and Field Knowledge Management: Best Practices
  • Single source of service and part information: Provide a single source of all service and part information that can be personalized based on user roles.
  • Interactive, graphics-driven information navigation and identification: Enable 2D and 3D navigation of products, systems and components to enable easy identification of the information necessary to perform service activities.
  • VIN and serial number-specific information delivery: Provide as-maintained serial number- and VIN-specific work order and technical and part information to ensure correct parts and procedures are identified and used for service activities.
  • Product-centric field knowledge management: Capture and manage field issues and associated resolutions based on the impacted product, system or components. Enable users to rapidly identify resolutions to product or system issues.
  • Customer self-service: Provide self-service environment for customers to manage their equipment, find product and service information, understand when service is required, order service and parts, and deliver focused marketing campaigns.
  • Interactive probability-based troubleshooting: Provide interactive troubleshooting that automatically ranks and displays the probability of issue resolutions based on user-provided symptoms.
  • Automated warranty and contract coverage validation: Identify warranty and contract coverage based on product as-maintained configuration, utilization, service history, and warranty or contract policies.