Service and Parts Order and Delivery

Optimize service scheduling, execution, and tracking based on service network resources, installed base geography, and equipment performance history.

Best Practices: Key Service and Parts Order and Delivery Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

Service and Parts Order and Delivery: Best Practices
  • Integrated field service scheduling: Integrate schedules for break-fix and project-based field service activities. Automate dispatching, paired with manage-by-exception workflows, to reduce service variance.
  • Service visit optimization: Evaluate service requirements for all equipment at a geographic location to maximize technician utilization and service revenue.
  • Multi-channel service workflows and auditing: Automatically track repair activities across participants (e.g., contact center, field service, partner, repair center, other) for entire service event.
  • Automatic claims processing and validation: Automatically validate and process claims based on warranty and contract business rules and equipment history.
  • Automatic RMA generation and routing: Automatically generate return material authorizations (RMA) based on part claims and route to appropriate location.
  • Automatic supplier recovery: Automatically identify warranty claims involving supplier parts and issue recovery claim for supplier. Analyze supplier parts claims and provide feedback on supplier quality issues.
  • Warehouse inventory optimization: Manage warehouses through the use of robust inbound, outbound and inventory management tools to control complex warehousing operations.