Performance Analysis and Feedback

Analyze historical product and service performance information to enable continual product improvement and service delivery optimization.

Best Practices: Key Performance Analysis and Feedback Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

Performance Analysis and Feedback: Best Practices
  • Service network analysis: Collect enterprise-wide data from all key internal and external service network partners regarding order and inventory details via real-time, automated or batch feeds.
  • Service information usage tracking and analysis: Track information access, navigation and usage to improve information accessibility and understanding. Purge unused information and incorporate service technician feedback.
  • Part usage analysis and feedback: Analyze parts ordered and used for specific products and service events. Provide feedback on potential quality issues and demand forecasting.
  • Early-performance and high-cost warranty issue identification: Analyze warranty claims to identify and provide feedback on early performance and high-cost quality issues to engineering for rapid corrective action.
  • Closed-loop product performance feedback (to quality and engineering for continual improvement): Provide feedback regarding product performance issues to quality and engineering for corrective action, continuous product improvement and improved product availability.
  • Closed-loop service performance feedback (for maintenance and service delivery optimization): Analyze repetitive and no-fault-found service claims to identify service provider quality issues. Improve training, optimize service schedules and reduce service cycle times.