Manufacturing Process Management

Define and manage the manufacturing processes to be used to fabricate parts, to assemble final products, and to perform inspection.

Best Practices: Key Manufacturing Process Management Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

  • Integral manufacturing data management: Provide a common central repository for manufacturing data supporting product, process and resources.
  • Associative eBOM/mBOM: Transform engineering bills-of-materials (eBOMs) into multiple plant-specific manufacturing bills-of-materials (mBOMs) while maintaining bidirectional traceability.
  • Digitally defined process plans: Digitally define, manage and analyze process plans describing how parts are manufactured, assembled, inspected and maintained.
  • Rich 2D/3D manufacturing documentation delivery: Dynamically generate accurate and on-demand rich visual shop floor work instructions.
  • Integral engineering to manufacturing change management: Manage manufacturing changes and configurations. Automate and standardize the change process.
  • Digital manufacturing control characteristic management: Manage control characteristics (dimensional or textual) in the manufacturing process steps.
  • Production feedback and release: Automate release of engineering, manufacturing and change information to production systems like ERP/MES. Automate production feedback from ERP/MES.