Design and Manufacturing Outsourcing

Engage with a third party to deliver a hardware/software system, sub-system, component design, or design services.

Best Practices: Key Design and Manufacturing Outsourcing Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

Design and Manufacturing Outsourcing: Best Practices
  • Traceable product data sharing: Share product-related information (e.g., requirements, tests and designs) with design and manufacturing partners to enable effective collaboration. Provide traceability to what was delivered, received and accepted.
  • Traceable software artifact sharing: Share software-related information and artifacts (e.g., requirements, designs, source code, test plans and test cases) with software development partners to enable effective collaboration.
  • Advanced IP protection: Categorization of data sensitivity and controlling end users’ “need to know” to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive intellectual property collocated with other less-sensitive product information.
  • Partner change management integration: Integrate partners into engineering change review, approval and implementation activities. Increase visibility by ensuring problem and impact are fully understood. Improve quality and efficiency of changes.